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The Third ANNUAL Southern Oregon Elder Gathering 

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In planning for this year's event, we listened to your feedback . . .

"Less program and more connection time."

Honoring the unhonored Self. . . 

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2017 Southern Oregon Elder Gathering

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*Accommodation choices include tent camping, bunk-style cabins, and some RV spaces 

**Each participant is asked to bring his own food to supplement each meal and for each to bring a small bag of organic vegetables or fruits.  The vegetables will be used by MOS to make an organic soup and salad that will be available for each lunch and dinner meal.  Oatmeal will be provided during breakfasts.  Coffee, tea, and  water will be available throughout the weekend.

How to Register & Pay Fee . . .

Two Steps: Complete Your Registration Form & Pay Your Fee:

Step 1 -- Complete your registration form and secure your fee amount. (You'll pay in Step 2 below.)

Note: In this step, you will:

  • Give us some basic information about you--Your Registration Information
  • Secure your registration fee amount , BUT you will not actually pay your registration fee until you complete Step 2 below.,

You may select one of the two options below to complete your registration form:

You May Complete Your Registration Form online

It is simple and quick.  You can do it online and save us both some time and you some money!.

To complete your registration form online, you can simply click on the 'Register Now' button below and fill in the blanks and answer the questions.

After you have submitted your registration form, return to this page,, and choose your payment option in Step 2 below.

Skip down to Step 2 to make your registration fee payment.

You May Complete Your Registration Form Offline

Only choose this option if you prefer to sign up the traditional way, using regular mail.  You can download the registration form, print it on your printer, fill it by hand, and mail it back to us at the address below with a check or money order in the amount of your registration fee.

Download Registration Form.

Mail your completed Registration Form with your fee payment, check or money order, to:​

PO Box 959
Rogue River, OR 97537

Note: Be sure to make your check or money order payable to: MKP USA NW 

Step 2 -- Pay your registration fee

Option 1: For MKP Initiated Men - Pay Online Using

Not MKP initiated? No worries if you are not MKP initiated.  We can take your payment too!  Just skip down below to option 2.

Who can use this method?  MKP initiated men only--others, see option 2 below.

You can pay online using as long as you are an MKP initiated man, and you have your login credentials to  If you are MKP initiated and you no longer have your login info, use option 2 below.  We can still take your money!

If you are MKP initiated, click the blue button below to pay your registration fee:

Option 2: Pay Your Registration Fee Offline by Telephone, or by Mail

Who can use this method?  Anyone!

Choose this option to pay your fee if either you cannot pay online or you simply do not wish to pay using the online method.

You have some choices:​

Pay Using the the Telephone: Have your credit or debit card handy and call me, Mark at 503.307.6649.  Or call Walt at 541.961.5179.

We will gladly take your payment information over the phone.

Or Pay Using the Mail System: If you have already completed your registration form online, all you have to do send a check or money order to the address below.

Be sure to do the following:

  • Make your check or money order payable to MKP USA NW Area
  • Write 'Elder Gathering Sept 2017in the memo line.
  • Write you check or money order in the correct amount and payable in US dollars.
  • Mail to:  MKP USA NW Area, PO Box 959, Rogue River, OR 97537

Note: You are not fully registered until we have received both your completed registration form and we have received your registration fee payment.  We must have both.

If you have any problems or questions with either, I'm here to help.  Call Mark, Elder Gathering Enrollment Coordinator, at: 503.307.6649 or email me at:

After you've completed both steps above, check to see if your name appears on the registration list. . .

You can click on this link to see if you are registered

If you are not on the list and you do not know why, give me a call and I will help you figure it out.  My contact info is below.​

Information Please & What Next? . . .

What Next?

Be sure to check your email inbox for announcements and notices from the Southern Oregon Elder Gathering Planning Team.  They won't begin until a few weeks before the gathering, but you won't want to miss them.

Also, be sure to check out the information below.  The Participant Info Packet is filled with information that can make your weekend more enjoyable.

​There are some maps below you will want to check out.

Also, check back here regularly, we will at information as we get closer to the weekend.​

Participant Info Packet:

You can get the Participant Information Packet now . . .

We have included everything we think you will want to know before you show up, including a What to Bring List, driving directions, a program agenda, and more.

Get the latest information document here: Latest Info.

You can download it by clicking this link: Participant Information Packet.

Below is an interactive Google Map for your use.  And here is the: Apserkaha Camp Map. It's also included in the Information Packet.

Getting to the Gathering:

You can use the Google Map below to customize driving instructions from your starting location to the Gathering.  To do that click on 'More options' on the map below and enter your starting location on the upper line on the left.

Google Map of Camp Apserkaha*

*Note: If you plan to use Google Maps to help you navigate to the camp, you need to know that Google has misspelled the camp name in their database.  What this means to you, is that if you enter the name of the camp into Google Maps with the correct spelling, Google won't be able to fine it!  You must spell it like this: Asperkaha--the second and third letters are transposed!

Did you have a problem registering? Do you still have some questions you want answered?

I'm here to answer your questions and to help you if you need it. . .

You may send me an email or call me at any time.  I am here to help.  If I'm not available to answer the phone or respond to your email, I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I make that commitment to you.

Here's my contact info:

Mark Teague, Enrollment Coordinator